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04/27/2010 13:51


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Written by Markus Seaberry   
Friday, 23 April 2010 17:23 Memphis, TN

Marcellous Lovelace aka Infinito 2017, is a rapper, artist, filmmaker, and magazine publisher. A Chicago native who is preparing to end his second stint in Memphis, Infinito may well be one of the most prolific emcees to ever reside in the Bluff City. He releases several albums a year with several labels, many of which are available on different internet hip-hop sites. Divided Souls: African in America was released last year, but definitely merits a closer look.



The album begins with the track “The Just Us’, which segues into “Vengeance Is Mine”. On the third track, “Reappearance”, Infinito speaks about the Indian Removal Act and the Middle Passage, expressing his frustration with lines like “Men menstruate, blood come out nose/You might get bent and folded if you come against this foe”. Infinito is one of the few people who could make a Ben Folds five reference and still be cool. “Out With the Old”, is a very fun track with an extremely addictive beat. Infinito is spitting egotistical rhymes while paying homage to old-school rappers such as Organized Konfusion, Boogie Down Productions, and Spoonie G. “Dynamite words, but I stay so def/Southside Chicago broke my hat to the left/ Fresh starter jackets with the new Air Force Ones/ Run for your life if you’ve got them new flights on”. The imagery in his words brings to mind every 80s hip-hop movie. “Black is Beautiful (Original Ones)” is another standout. Over a very funky track, Infinito shows his lyrical skills: “In the wrong place at the wrong tic-toc/ Spot gets knocked whenever props deserved/Dudes is soft, they ain’t got no words”.  Infinito closes out the album with “Who Reports His Story”. On this track, Infinito talks about his the need for African-Americans to come together and fight injustice: “No longer move, turn anger into fear/ The sound is on time, history is clear”.

Divided Souls: Africans in America is 19 tracks of awesome lyricism, stunning battle raps, and heartfelt social commentary. Infinito 2017 is a unique, honest, and highly talented artist whose music clearly deserves to reach a larger audience. Sadly, he is leaving this area soon. Although the underground hip-hop community will be sad to see him go, many of his fans are hopeful that wherever he ends up next, this album and the entirety of his vast catalog will finally cross over to mainstream audiences.

Divided Souls: Africans in America is available on iTunes and at