from u call that love: COOK COUNTY / INFINITO 2017

11/26/2011 20:11


Infinito 2017 - We Are Dark Chicago hip hop scene has already clearly take its toll on the business side. He never hid his passion for art form originating from Cook County. Emphasized the sposobnych occasions about magic and unusual atmosphere hovering over the productions of this district in the United States. This is reflected in over a year ago launched a series of articles devoted to the artists of the Chi-Town called Trekking in Cook County. After a presentation last month The Primeridian , turn again toward the iconic crew of the Windy City, Nacrobats. Among the leading persons directly connected with the collective, we have been presented on the site Psalm One, pugs and Thaione'a Atomza Davis. Another representative of this group, which should be a place for U Call That Love, is Infinito 2017.

Approach to music is different for each artist. All persons involved in the production of beats, writing lyrics, DJ-ing, go through different stages of development of their passion. For some people you can, indeed, speak of madness, marching hand in hand with total reconciling with music. In this way, falls briefly describe Marcellousa Lamont Lovelace. Inclinations for the areas of culture appeared in the independent Chicago-born artist now in the early years. Ins and outs of hip-hop Infinito 2017 explored along with his cousin. After leaving Cook County to Tennessee and study at Memphis College of Art majoring in painting, a representative of Chicago continued to pursue his passion. With the knowledge of Mra Skurge'a (he was bestowed the nickname Marcellousowi Infinito) and the assumption of the collective Unorthodox Poets Society, the young rapper began to seriously deal with the recording of music.

After returning to Chi-Town, Emcee Nacrobats entered the ranks and began publishing activities. This seems unlikely - within 13 years Infinito 2017 released a few positions plate, the vast majority of which falls on his solo productions! Starting from the year in 1998, a full debut project "Documentary LP" closely follows the path laid out by myself, once again providing valuable publications. The most important materials signed by the hero of this article include: "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" (Nephew Of Frank Records, 2002), "Low Income Housing" (Domination Recordings, 2004), "Roddny Dangrr Fild" (Domination Recordings, 2005) and "The Soul of Benjamin Banneker In The Age of the Aquarius" (Nephew Of Frank Records, 2006). For many years, the artist keeps a tone, whilst ensuring an adequate level of their albums. Over the last two years Infinito 2017 presented more than 10 (sic) EPs and LP together. Among all the publications eternally busy artist, I chose dating from February of last year's "We Are Dark" - a good project, revealing workshop rapper.

Released 26 February 2010 LP contains 16 tracks. The material went on sale through labelowi Joe Left Hand Records, although it is officially signed by the Supply Chain Unlimited Records. Production of all tracks located on the "We Are Dark" was entrusted beatmakerowi from Brooklyn, Black Sparxowi. The manufacturer saw to instrumentals based on the spicy jazz and soul from the years 60.tych and 70.tych last century. Layer interacts with musical texts efficiently Infinito 2017. He gave the whole material strictly Chicago Climate - committed lyrical layer, supported by wyszlifowanym flow and high-confidence LP author gave a measurable effect. In three recordings Marcellousa Lovelace support independent Emcees - Thaione Davis, Knuckles Bandit, Breez Evaflowin & LIFE Long. Enriched the contents of the album cuts, which are the responsibility DJ White Shadow native of Norway.

With each album, Infinito 2017 proves that it is worth devoting more attention to him. Indeed, the sheer volume of its music publishing can spin in my head but that does not mean that the music created by him is not valuable. On the contrary, the rapper in further developing and you can be sure that its publishing activities will not end in 2017, and it will be dragged on indefinitely. Chicago Citizen of the page will return soon, certainly before the end of the year.

At the end of the entry I leave readers U Call That Love with a music video created for one of the flagship recording of "We Are Dark" - "Do You Hear Me".