Main Ingredient Radio Show 14.01.2010 (Appeal for the Earthquake Victims of Haiti) ft. Infinito 2017

01/16/2010 14:30


Main Ingredient Radio Show 14.01.2010 (Appeal for the Earthquake Victims of Haiti)

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What up peeps!!!!
If you haven’t heard of the Haiti Earthquake Disaster by now, you’ve been living under a rock somewhere. I woke up to some horrific pictures on the box. If you can support the cause please visit the Christian Aid website and give whatever you can.

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1. Bekay-Main Ingredient Intro REMIX-(Ill Poetic Produced)
2. Skyzoo-For What It’s Worth-(Duck Down Records) Salvation LP
3. Theory Hazit & Toni Shift Feat Motion Plus & Just Me-You Are-(Illect Recordings) Modern Marvels Lp
4. Theory Hazit & Toni Shift-We Are The Ones-(Illect Recordings) Modern Marvels LP
5. Jay Electronica-Exhibit C-(Decon Records)
6. Oktober & Spier 1200-Pirate Radio-(Cajo Communications/Diamond Music Group)
7. Smoovth Dude (Da Connecton)-Backwards-(Digi Crates/Domination Records) DJ Excellence Produced Exclusive!!
8. Skyzoo-Dear Whoever-(Duck Down Records) Salvation LP
9. Theory Hazit & Toni Shift-Grow Old-(Illect Recordings) Modern Marvels LP
10. Jay Electronica-Exhibit C Instrumental Talkover-(Decon Records)
11. JR & PH7 Feat Trek Life- Unknown- (White) Exclusive 7”
12. Cymarshall Law-No Sleep-(HipNott/Freedom Ent)
13. Thaione Davis-Still Hear-(Jericho Lounge Music) Rashid Hadee Produced
14. Theory Hazit & Toni Shift Feat Lady Luck, Ill Poetic, Don Will (Tanya Morgan), Cas Metah, Motion Plus and Zach Hendrix –UnCanny-(Illect Recordings) Modern Marvels LP
15. Mr. Beatz-Blues Brothers-(Puritivity Muzic) Skammadix Produced –Exclusive
16. Unknown Mizery-The Big Picture-(Godzillionare Status)
17. The Strangerz- Makin Moves Instrumental Talkover-(Digi Crates/Domination Records)
18. Kyo Itachi Feat Rasco - It's on Again-(Digi Crates/Domination Records)
19. Dysfunkshunal Familee Feat Bundy (Finsta Bundy)-Step Up My Game-Beatminerz Produced
20. Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee-I Know (Changes)-(White)
21. The Strangerz (Smoovth Dude-Magnum & Hus Kingpin)-Makin Moves Remix-(Digi Crates/Domination Records) Exclusive
22. D-Sisive-Anvil-(Urbnet Records)
23. Blame One-Days Chasing Days-(Soulspazm Records)
24. Blame One Feat Trek Life & Sene-Move Forward-(Leaks & Gemz)
25. Folk and Stress Feat Vast Aire Beatrix-(Soulspazm Records)
26. Spleen feat. Redman-Best To Do It-(Soulspazm Records)
27. Aloe Park (Approach & Illpoetic) Feat Stik Figa-Mutombo-(White) Illpoetic Produced
28. JR & PH7 Feat Trek Life & Audio Live- Unknown-(White) Exclusive 7”
29. Dillon & Paten Locke-Hot Mess-(Domination Records)
30. Infinito 2017-TV Show-(White)
31. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime Feat Rapper Big Pooh & MED-Endure-(EthNick Remix)-(Mello Music Group)
32. Rapper Big Pooh-When I’m Done-(White)-Black Milk Produced
33. Black Milk-Keep Going-(Fatbeats)
34. Grand Agent & Prickly Pear- Same Page-(Soulspazm Records) Getting Away With Murders LP

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