::NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 - Infinito 2017

08/28/2013 19:24

Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 - Infinito 2017


  • look for the ::NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: at Underground Stores on Line


Positive Hip Hop Album of None Commercial Styles being broadcasted over various sounds.

A collection of many years of Tape Deck Styled Recording from Infinito 2017. At this point we

lost count of the discography of Infinito 2017 / Marcellous Lovelace. Look for many new records

and older recording on Vinyl / CD's / Tapes as time permits.


Side A.

  1. Anyways (KingBoom Remix)
  2. Barathary Gland ft. Mr. Skurge (prod. Dj Waht)
  3. Tascam Recorded (prod. Radio75)
  4. Sauteed Mushrooms (prod. Radio75)
  5. Unemotional Man (produced by 2017)

Side B.

  1. Listening Party Intro (by Dj Waht)
  2. Low Noise Mechanism - Audio Function (prod. KingBoom)
  3. Chilling in the Sun (Remixed by Doc Singe)
  4. Etc ... ft. Fatnice (prod. Dj Waht)
  5. Congo Square [demo] (prod. Thaione Davis)

Made in Canada - www.infinito2017.com - www.joelefthandrecords.com
Mixed and arranged by Dj Black Goggles [vortx of distorsun]