Platform 8470 2010 Wrap Up / Infinito 2017

12/26/2010 02:53


Marcellous Lovelace

What was the biggest moment of the year for you personally
and in general?

Love of Self and Kind: To be able to enter graduate school and help children excel in education in the public school system. Recording new material, making new art and publish new books for the year. And the constant development of children in this world helping to shape persons to not take part in this racism and self destruction.

Best album(s) of the year?
Infinito 2017 – ‘Outer Body Experience 9.0 (thinking the unthinkable)’, Krs 1 – ‘Metahistorical’, The Roots – ‘How I Got Over’, The Geaux – ‘Quarter Mile’, Day by Day Entertainment & Presents: Various Artists – ‘Never Mind The Technical Difficulties’.

Best movie(s), TV or book(s) of the year?
Best Movie: ‘Inception’. Books: ‘Countering the Conspiricy To Destroy Black Boys’ by Juwanza Kunjufu and ‘Freedom Dreams’ by Robin D. G. Kelly. TV: NBA TV: BULLS, LAKERS, HEAT, BOSTON, UTAH JAZZ, OKLAHOMA THUNDER BASKETBALL.

What do you wish for the worldin 2011?
I wish for the world to become a better place and poverty to decline while individuals grow to become better. Make an album every month, paint new art daily, help some one else achieve a dream, love and constantly create.

What can we expect from you (and yours) in 2011?
Infinito 2017 - Love Peace Happiness and Having Fun, Marcellous Lovelace – Consistant, Infinito 2017 - Rid the Stereotypes & Programmed Slaves, Marcellous Lovelace - Fantasy in the White Imagination, Progress (Infinito 2017 and SavSola) - Advanced Copy: Breaking your Dreams E.P., Something Important album with Mordecai the Foul and a Unorthodox Poets Society album with Mr. Skurge .. maybe and a few other concept projects through the year, some movies, videos, art and ... always balanced and nu …