[Review] Marcellous Lovelace – Exposed Emotion in Color by Hector De La Rosa

08/28/2013 04:18

The collective discography of conscious and pro-black hip-hop artist Infinito 2017 is eclectic and provocative. His latest impressive piece Exposed Emotion in Color contests a wane society in mission to reprogram oppressed minds to think in intellect Black Thought.

“Fight Everyday” displays a militant spirit of Public Enemy (evident in the song’s perspicacious lyricism and perilous delivery) to fight the power. Infinito 2017 cinematically details the arduous happenings observed in urban setting with “Yearly.”

The jazz-tinged single “Concentrate” finely details a fast paced society that loses track of reality because of the invention of technology and destructive images in media. The enthralling “Black on All Seasons” and “Channel Tan” leads listeners to GOD as Infinito raises the spirits of a subjugated Black and Latino communities.

The most standout and controversial track “Anti-Colonialist Uganda” is the protest of self-hatred and reverse discrimination. It is the answer to Black-on-Black crime, “We teach our folks not to do no drugs/ Don’t shoot no dope…So we can feel that soul to the Afro beats.”

Infinito 2017 is considered head of the union of new teachers of a progressing hip-hop movement. Not a replacement of KRS-One, but serving as a leader of a new school. Exposed Emotion in Color is rich with substance and production. It is brave for it heroic Black power.

-Hector De La Rosa


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