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02/21/2010 18:56


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Infinito 2017 - We Are Dark (produced entirely by Black Sparx)

Infinito 2017 has a lot to say about his new album, produced entirely by Brooklyn's Black Sparx: "Drawing from the back drop of 60 / 70's soul music this album is look inside the travels on the path to self development... "We Are Dark" was first developed in Philadelphia arranged in Los Angeles produced and mixed in Brooklyn written and mastered in Chicago and recorded in Memphis. The greatest lesson for listeners to learn is stay aware of the world around you and don't limit yourself just because We Are Dark."

Produced entirely by Black Sparx. With scratches by the White Shadow of Norway.


1. 2017 Introduction
2. Learn Yourself
3. Do You Hear Me
4. Texture
5. Spiritual Conditioning
6. God Is Good
7. Adaptation (feat. Thaione Davis)
8. The Mother Plane
9. Relations
10. Land Of The Ill (feat. Knuckles Bandit)
11. Current Events (Skit)
12. TV Show Actors
13. Eyewitness To Dopeness (feat. Life Long / Breez Evaflowin)
14. Petes 3 Wings
15. So Clearly
16. World