NEW ALBUM: “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” from INFINITO 2017

03/10/2014 14:35

Artist: Infinito 2017

Title: “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”

Label: Joe Left Hand Records / Masculine Music

Release Date: April 19


When making music in my view the ultimate goal is to love what you create and let your soul be the main component in the final output. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive = Masculine” minus the filler and without the added opinions of those that didn’t write the songs. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is what it sounds like when Infinito 2017 filters out all the voices of others and create completely from the internal. Infinito 2017 creates underground music that tells what he thinks over boom bap instrumentals. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is independent Hip Hop with no fashion, no mama man clowns, no love songs and no songs made to follow the template that rappers use to records music! This album is hardcore uncut raw Infinito 2017, the microphone and beats.  Black Music! “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” guest vocal appearances are AthenA, Mr. Skurge, Watusi, Unity Lewis and Aslaam Mahdi. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” production is handled by Fatnice, The Beatminerz, Thaione Davis, The White Shadow of Norway, Positive Black Nationalist, Dion Brown, Mixx Massacre, Black Sparx, Malosmokie (LCOB), Cool D and Ne Ne James of Brazil.



1. INTRO BRASH [prod by Positive Black Nationalists]

2. GOOD AT BEING MYSELF [prod by FatNice]

3. WARRIORS SONG PT1 [prod by Dj White Shadow]

4. NEVER ARTIFICIAL [prod by Mr. Walt of the Beatminerz]


6. BRASH AND ABRASIVE [prod by Mixx Massacre]

7. LOVE FROM ETHIOPIA [prod by Malosmokie (LCOB)]

8. Wrote a Lot of Days in My Life [prod by Black Sparx]

9. NOT YOU (who) [prod by FatNice]

10. LOCK THE KEY [prod by Black Sparx]

11. BIG TIT E [prod by Thaione Davis]

12. NOT FA REAL ft Mr. Skurge, Unity Lewis, Aslaam Mahdi, Watusi [prod by Dion Brown]

13. CREATIVE LOGIC [prod by Dj White Shadow]

14. WHERE EVER I GO [prod by FatNice]

15. LOOP SOUL SOUND [prod by Positive Black Nationalists]

16. AUTO FOKUS USED [prod by Ne Ne James]

17. EDUCATED WORTH ft. AthenA [prod by Dion Brown]

18. WIN AGAIN [prod by Black Sparx]




art by Marcellous Lovelace / Infinito 2017

mixed by Freddy Eubanks for KLFC [Kalifornia Lo-Fi commission]
Mastered by Jonathan Horwich 


updates samples / /


first single video: 

::NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 - Infinito 2017

08/28/2013 19:24

Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 - Infinito 2017


  • look for the ::NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: at Underground Stores on Line


Positive Hip Hop Album of None Commercial Styles being broadcasted over various sounds.

A collection of many years of Tape Deck Styled Recording from Infinito 2017. At this point we

lost count of the discography of Infinito 2017 / Marcellous Lovelace. Look for many new records

and older recording on Vinyl / CD's / Tapes as time permits.


Side A.

  1. Anyways (KingBoom Remix)
  2. Barathary Gland ft. Mr. Skurge (prod. Dj Waht)
  3. Tascam Recorded (prod. Radio75)
  4. Sauteed Mushrooms (prod. Radio75)
  5. Unemotional Man (produced by 2017)

Side B.

  1. Listening Party Intro (by Dj Waht)
  2. Low Noise Mechanism - Audio Function (prod. KingBoom)
  3. Chilling in the Sun (Remixed by Doc Singe)
  4. Etc ... ft. Fatnice (prod. Dj Waht)
  5. Congo Square [demo] (prod. Thaione Davis)

Made in Canada - -
Mixed and arranged by Dj Black Goggles [vortx of distorsun]

[Review] Marcellous Lovelace – Exposed Emotion in Color by Hector De La Rosa

08/28/2013 04:18

The collective discography of conscious and pro-black hip-hop artist Infinito 2017 is eclectic and provocative. His latest impressive piece Exposed Emotion in Color contests a wane society in mission to reprogram oppressed minds to think in intellect Black Thought.

“Fight Everyday” displays a militant spirit of Public Enemy (evident in the song’s perspicacious lyricism and perilous delivery) to fight the power. Infinito 2017 cinematically details the arduous happenings observed in urban setting with “Yearly.”

The jazz-tinged single “Concentrate” finely details a fast paced society that loses track of reality because of the invention of technology and destructive images in media. The enthralling “Black on All Seasons” and “Channel Tan” leads listeners to GOD as Infinito raises the spirits of a subjugated Black and Latino communities.

The most standout and controversial track “Anti-Colonialist Uganda” is the protest of self-hatred and reverse discrimination. It is the answer to Black-on-Black crime, “We teach our folks not to do no drugs/ Don’t shoot no dope…So we can feel that soul to the Afro beats.”

Infinito 2017 is considered head of the union of new teachers of a progressing hip-hop movement. Not a replacement of KRS-One, but serving as a leader of a new school. Exposed Emotion in Color is rich with substance and production. It is brave for it heroic Black power.

-Hector De La Rosa


read more here:

Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm of spicy rap on "Dope Fresh" August 05, 2013, Vitaly

08/06/2013 00:32


see original review at:


Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm of spicy rap on "Dope Fresh" August 05, 2013, Vitaly  Éternel Cosmique (Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm) - Dope Fresh Music publishing catalog and can be assigned to different compartments in its sole discretion, setting appropriate rules in advance. Some compile the projects according to the style in which it arose, year, record labels or catalog no. Another significant division among all the plates are clearly defined boundaries between independent music circles and mainstream. However, even with such clear boundaries are formed internal hierarchies. Part of the materials appearing receives from the media and the audience postscript small release, meaning mostly LPs and EPs released without conducting a wider promotional activities. That's where we put together LP newly formed éternel Cosmique (Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm) - "Dope Fresh" . 


If you carefully observe the service, it is certainly noticed that often komplementowanymi artists on this website are artist born in Chicago and Canada. The high values ​​recorded communications by the Chi-Town and their neighbors on the other side of the Great Lakes of North America shows Publishing heroes of this article. Among connoisseurs of underground Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm are not anonymous figures. The first one belongs to a small group of contractors to issue almost non-stop wealth of many layers of new music. During the 15 years of hip-hop veteran Windy City has spent more than 30 (sic) longplays. With the coming of a quality CDs discharged by the co-founder of the iconic Chicago Nacrobats crew. Most of this author has published under his pseudonym, but we find also in the works released under his real name Marcellous Lovelace. Over the last three years there were a plethora of publications capita Cook County, including "We Are Dark" , "Outer Body Experience 9.0 (Thinking The Unthinkable)", "Rid The Stereotypes & Programmed Slaves", "Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears "," Conquest Of The More Vol 1: Entrar En Espana "and" Quality In Quantity ". Just last mentioned publication actually gives life motto Infinito 2017. 


The DJ Cosm established himself in the best light as a member of the formation of Dragon Fli Empire. The artist founded the group with rapper Teekay. DFE may not have an extensive discography, but the team still had a lot of mess in the underground through their publications. Already the first two releases duet - "Conquest" and "Invasion" - from the years 2004-05, allowed them to get a large group of fans of their work. Boards released through collective label founded by MakeBelieve Records maintained in a spicy style of hip hop, which has been appreciated both at the local yard in Calgary, as well as in Europe. Four and a half years ago, appeared last to date album Canadians, "Redefine" . These publications should be added several EPs and singles, the most recent of which is coming from January this year, "DFE vs DEF - EP" made ​​in association with Def-CHAP . DJ Cosm saved to your account the solo project - "Time and Space" . Material published in April 2011, has recorded with the likes of Moka Only, Raashanem Ahmad, Insight, Qwazaarem, Craig G, Prince After the Ghettosocksem. After this project, it was time to work with Infinito 2017 and the album "Dope Fresh", which is a really decent production. 


How To Dominate singlem promujacym Dope Fresh The idea of ​​recording an album by the duo of artists born in the Old Continent. Several months ago, the two performers were on a European tour, during which it became clear that the Americans and Canadians have a similar approach to hip-hop and music creation. So briefly formed a group éternel Cosmique and the idea of the project embedded in the old-good underground atmosphere. The final results of activities creators do not have to wait long, and now June 1 received from them "Dope Fresh" .  LP released effort MakeBelieve Records, is nothing but a natural-sounding album constructed by experienced musicians. Infinito 2017 has once again proved that he is a great songwriter, able to skillfully implement their ideas. The rapper quickly found ways to connect with DJ Cosma. Representative Dragon Fli Empire layer prepared faithfully recreate the music of rap songs from the years 90.tych. "How To Dominate", "Not Really", "Say What I Mean" and "The Matrix" set a high score in this material. Artists reaching a proven form of discs created by Emceego and producer / DJ 'and with the participation of only two guests, with a focus on showing the best of their attributes, achieved measurable results. Even if "Dope Fresh" is a small circle of release, it certainly deserves more attention from the media and the audience. 


Album éternel Cosmique went on Bandcamp . "Dope Fresh" are available in electronic form through this site, and the physical edition of the project (CD) is available for sale at MakeBelieve Records . Publisher promotes music video for the lead single shot coming from the LP - "How To Dominate". As you can see the US-Canadian cooperation between Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosma give advice. 


Coming soon on the website there will be more articles about the following materials eternally busy Infinito 2017. In preparing the entries of plates Dragon Fli Empire and issued August 1 Teekay solo album, "Psyychology".  Tracklist      Pay Fee     How To Dominate     Sun In Yo Eyes     Not Really     Ready Fresh Styles     Funky Loop     Say What I Mean     Wroteover     Windy Funk     Da Right Path     Matrix feat Teekay and Touch     Infinitro     No One is Forever     Unfinished     How to Dominate (Metawon remix)  - See more at:

Infinito 2017 - Conquest of The More: Vol 1. Entrar en España [out 2/21/2012 distributed through fatbeats]

01/13/2012 22:09

Infinito 2017 - Conquest of The More: Vol 1. Entrar en España [out 2/21/2012 distributed through fatbeats]

Item Description: Conquest of The More: Vol 1. Entrar en España was recorded while on tour in Spain. Infinito 2017 took the time to document the travels by recording albums that captured the space he was in at that specific time. After connecting with a spanish producer named Diox the two developed the Entrar en España album. The album is an introspective look at Hip Hop from an international perspective with a taste of the South Side of Chicago. Afrocentric views being broadcasted on reel to reel is the best way to describe the extended player.

Track listing:


1. walk in (cuts by dj waht)

2. 100 percent fresh

3. crabs and snakes

4. its not truth

5. pro create

6. shapeless (1026)

7. so say it


(c) 2012 Joe Left Hand Records produced by the diox mixed and arranged by the vortx of distorsun mastered by Jonathan Horwich [International Phonograph Inc.] recorded in barcelona, spain at babalona by Marcellous Lovelace cover art by congo square design group lyrics by m. lovelace [infinito one (ascap)]


twitter: @infinito2017

from u call that love: COOK COUNTY / INFINITO 2017

11/26/2011 20:11


Infinito 2017 - We Are Dark Chicago hip hop scene has already clearly take its toll on the business side. He never hid his passion for art form originating from Cook County. Emphasized the sposobnych occasions about magic and unusual atmosphere hovering over the productions of this district in the United States. This is reflected in over a year ago launched a series of articles devoted to the artists of the Chi-Town called Trekking in Cook County. After a presentation last month The Primeridian , turn again toward the iconic crew of the Windy City, Nacrobats. Among the leading persons directly connected with the collective, we have been presented on the site Psalm One, pugs and Thaione'a Atomza Davis. Another representative of this group, which should be a place for U Call That Love, is Infinito 2017.

Approach to music is different for each artist. All persons involved in the production of beats, writing lyrics, DJ-ing, go through different stages of development of their passion. For some people you can, indeed, speak of madness, marching hand in hand with total reconciling with music. In this way, falls briefly describe Marcellousa Lamont Lovelace. Inclinations for the areas of culture appeared in the independent Chicago-born artist now in the early years. Ins and outs of hip-hop Infinito 2017 explored along with his cousin. After leaving Cook County to Tennessee and study at Memphis College of Art majoring in painting, a representative of Chicago continued to pursue his passion. With the knowledge of Mra Skurge'a (he was bestowed the nickname Marcellousowi Infinito) and the assumption of the collective Unorthodox Poets Society, the young rapper began to seriously deal with the recording of music.

After returning to Chi-Town, Emcee Nacrobats entered the ranks and began publishing activities. This seems unlikely - within 13 years Infinito 2017 released a few positions plate, the vast majority of which falls on his solo productions! Starting from the year in 1998, a full debut project "Documentary LP" closely follows the path laid out by myself, once again providing valuable publications. The most important materials signed by the hero of this article include: "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" (Nephew Of Frank Records, 2002), "Low Income Housing" (Domination Recordings, 2004), "Roddny Dangrr Fild" (Domination Recordings, 2005) and "The Soul of Benjamin Banneker In The Age of the Aquarius" (Nephew Of Frank Records, 2006). For many years, the artist keeps a tone, whilst ensuring an adequate level of their albums. Over the last two years Infinito 2017 presented more than 10 (sic) EPs and LP together. Among all the publications eternally busy artist, I chose dating from February of last year's "We Are Dark" - a good project, revealing workshop rapper.

Released 26 February 2010 LP contains 16 tracks. The material went on sale through labelowi Joe Left Hand Records, although it is officially signed by the Supply Chain Unlimited Records. Production of all tracks located on the "We Are Dark" was entrusted beatmakerowi from Brooklyn, Black Sparxowi. The manufacturer saw to instrumentals based on the spicy jazz and soul from the years 60.tych and 70.tych last century. Layer interacts with musical texts efficiently Infinito 2017. He gave the whole material strictly Chicago Climate - committed lyrical layer, supported by wyszlifowanym flow and high-confidence LP author gave a measurable effect. In three recordings Marcellousa Lovelace support independent Emcees - Thaione Davis, Knuckles Bandit, Breez Evaflowin & LIFE Long. Enriched the contents of the album cuts, which are the responsibility DJ White Shadow native of Norway.

With each album, Infinito 2017 proves that it is worth devoting more attention to him. Indeed, the sheer volume of its music publishing can spin in my head but that does not mean that the music created by him is not valuable. On the contrary, the rapper in further developing and you can be sure that its publishing activities will not end in 2017, and it will be dragged on indefinitely. Chicago Citizen of the page will return soon, certainly before the end of the year.

At the end of the entry I leave readers U Call That Love with a music video created for one of the flagship recording of "We Are Dark" - "Do You Hear Me".

Tour Info Page / EPK

07/21/2011 13:09


Tour Info Page / EPK


After independently releasing over 120 albums and single handily managing a music and visual art career of over 20 years Infinito 2017 is setting out on World Tour. With performances in all the major world markets 2017 will embark on this grand expedition with only the support of his loyal fans, producers and Djs that have assisted in constant broadcasting of some of the most prolific, solid, top quality yet positive music ever ….




Short Bio:

Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace first decided he wanted to make music his career when he was just 13 years old. He teamed up with his cousin Dariel, and the two spent hours in their basements recording crude beats and rhymes on their boomboxes. When he and his mother moved to Kentucky, Lovelace found solace in rapping, something that also kept him going after Dariel's untimely death in 1994. Following that event, Lovelace moved to Tennessee and bought his first professional equipment and began recording. He enrolled in the Memphis College of Art, where he studied painting, also performing regularly at local open hip-hop mike nights. It was at one of these that he met Mr. Skurge; the two connected instantly and decided to work together, calling themselves the Unorthodox Poets Society (and it was Skurge who then gave Lovelace the name Infinito). In 1998, the MC moved back to Chicago, where he joined up with crews the Molemen and the Nacrobats, working on albums with them as well as releasing his own material (sometimes as Infinito 2017), including 2002's Music with Sound Right Reasoning, 2004's Low Income Housing, 2005's Roddny Dangrr Fild, and 2006's The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of the Aquarius, 2007’s Natural Time, 2010 Outer Body Experience 9.0: Thinking the Unthinkable, 2011 Rid The Stereotypes and Programmed Slaves and many more …







artist (links to itunes and all needed info)




online store





Partial discography:  




06/25/2011 10:17

 New Music out now from Joe Left Hand Records


THAIONE DAVIS * INFINITO 2017 * feat. Cosmo Galactus

DATES ********** REGION

JUNE 10 ********** LILLE, FRANCE
JUNE 12 ********** LYON, FRANCE
JUNE 15 ********** PARIS, FRANCE
JUNE 18 ********** NANCY, FRANCE
JUNE 21 ********** MACON, FRANCE
twitter: infinito2017
twitter: thaionedavis

*********NEW DATES TO BE ADDED SOON*******************

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass

01/15/2010 05:54

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.


Teddy Pendergrass Legend

Teddy Pendergrass Legend

Theodore “Teddy” DeReese Pendergrass, Sr. (March 26, 1950 — January 13, 2010) was an African in America Great R&B/soul singer and songwriter. Pendergrass is also known as Teddy P, TP, or Teddy Bear. He passed away on January 13th, 2010 at 9:59pm, aged 59, at Bryn Mawr Hospital.


Teddy Pendergrass was born to Ida Geraldine Epps and the late Jesse Pendergrass (murdered in 1962), who left when Pendergrass was young and was not a part of his life. He was a student at the old Thomas Edison High School for Boys in Philadelphia. However, he dropped out in the 11th grade to go into the music business. According to author Robert Ewell Greene, Pendergrass was ordained a minister as a youngster. Later he was to become a drummer for a band, and later lead singer. The church was his initiation for talent and eventual success.

Pendergrass’s career began when he was a drummer for The Cadillacs, which soon merged with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. Melvin invited Pendergrass to become the lead singer after he jumped from the rear of a stage and started singing his heart out. Months later the group signed with Gamble & Huff on the then CBS subsidiary Philadelphia International Records in 1972. The Blue Notes had hits such as “I Miss You,” “Bad Luck,” “Wake Up Everybody,” the two million seller “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and many more. Following personality conflicts between Melvin and Pendergrass, Pendergrass launched a solo career and released hit singles like “The More I Get the More I Want,” “Close the Door,” “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” “Turn Off the Lights” and others.

Teddy Pendergrass a Great

Teddy Pendergrass a Great

His first solo album was self titled Teddy Pendergrass (1977), followed by Life is a Song Worth Singing (1978), Live Coast to Coast and Teddy (1979), 1980’s TP and the final Philadelphia International Records album It’s Time for Love (1981). He also sang a duet with Whitney Houston on “Hold Me,” from her self-titled debut album.


On March 18, 1982, in the Germantown section of Philadelphia on Lincoln Drive, while on his way to a party, Pendergrass was involved in an automobile accident when the brakes failed on his Rolls-Royce and he hit a tree. Damage to his spinal cord left him paralyzed from the waist down with limited use of his arms. In 1985 he made a surprise appearance at the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia, performing “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” in a wheelchair. It was his first stage performance since the accident.

Teddy Pendergrass Classic Album Joy

Teddy Pendergrass Classic Album Joy

In 1996, he starred alongside Stephanie Mills in the touring production of the gospel musical Your Arms Too Short to Box with God. In 1998, Pendergrass released his autobiography entitled, Truly Blessed.
In 2006, Pendergrass announced his retirement from the music industry. In 2007, he briefly returned to performing to participate in Teddy 25: A Celebration of Life, Hope & Possibilities, a 25th anniversary awards ceremony that marked Pendergrass’ accident date, but also raised money for his charity, The Teddy Pendergrass Alliance, and honored those who helped Pendergrass since his accident. As of August, 2009 Mr. Pendergrass is in Bryn Mawr Hospital recovering from a rare illness related to his paralysis condition. Mr. Pendergrass passed away on January 13, 2010, from complications following surgery for colon cancer.

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